Friday, September 14, 2012

A Beastly Dream

 One windy stormy night I had one scary dream. I couldn't fall asleep so I tossed and turned, but amazingly I manged to close my eyes and slumber. I found myself running frantically through the forest, astonishingly; I was playing tag with a couple of friends who came camping with me. The day was full with different activities. Later that night, we set a campfire, grilled some marshmallows, and told some scary stories. After a few scares, we decide to turn in; everyone brought their on tent so we slept comfortably. In the middle of the night, I woke up to a hectic scream, so I got up to check it out.   As I walked to one of my friend's tent which was positioned farthest from mine I felt the ground muddy. I didn't understand because it hadn't rained that night. As I entered the tent, a foul-decayed stench inhabitat the place, I turned my flashlight on and almost fainted to the horrific site. There was blood everywhere and at the corner of the tent my friend's head layed there. At a distance, I hear a loud-vicious growl at this point my thought is to get my shotgun in my tent. As I walk out, my eyes are horrified in fear a shadow-figure almost as tall as the tree stands there staring at me with those devilish red eyes. I stay frozen in shock for 20 seconds, but I manage to pull together and make a run for my gun. The beast then chases me, so I speed up dive into the tent, grab my shot gun and load it, but before I can aim the beast knocks the gun off and scratches me in the chest. Before he can make his kill, I stab it in the eye with a frying pan. Quickly, I grab the shotgun and shoot it right at the heart. It falls down, stares at me, but before it's devilish red eyes fade away it grins and dies. I found myself running frantically again through the forest with blood in my claws.